Wayanad district is the headquarters of the town of Kalpetta. This district is on the tip of the southern part of the Deccan Plateau. With high and low a hill in separate areas, this district is a sleepy one. Earlier, Wayanad was known as Mayakshetra, which turned into Mayanad, and finally it was popularised as Wayanad.

Kuruva Island

The most popular tourist location of Wayanad district is the Kuruva Island. People from all over the country are attracted to the dense forest surrounding the island situated amidst the tributaries of River Kabani. Kuruva Island is only occupied by rare birds, flora and herbs that are a sight to sore eyes. This quaint retreat from the busy city life is a place of profound peacefulness and tranquillity. It is found 40kms west of Sulthan Bathery.

Chembra Peak

Famous for its hills and mountains, Wayanad houses the Chembra peak amid the beautiful valleys and adventurous trekking trails. Although a bit of a dicey task, the trek to Chembra Peak is one of the most enjoyable experiences that tourists have encountered. It is the highest hill in Wayanad, and the day long trek is the best way to experience the wilderness that is this hill valley. Tourists are advised to carry sleeping bags, huts, canvases and trekking implements that are available at stores before the trek begins. After traversing through the backwoods, the breathtaking view of Wayanad greets one from the peak.

Edakkal Cave

Situated in the Ambukuthy Mountain, the Edakkal Cave is a stunning structure. With a length and width of 96ft and 22ft respectively, the cave is a delight to tourists. The walls are adorned with intriguing carvings that will take your breath away, and archaeology enthusiasts will love the intricate designs and elements of this creation. The history of Wayanad, and even the entirety of Kerala is said to have been covered in these beautiful carvings, and they prove to be one of the best tourist spots of Wayanad.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the east of Sulthan Bathery, the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is extremely close to the border of Karnataka. Wild forests house the most popular species of animals like the spotted deer, elephant, bison, wild bear, cheetah, tiger and the likes. Elephant rides are provided by the Forest Department to the tourists.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb

This popular tourist picnic spot of north Wayanad is the home of an attractive aquarium amidst a lush surrounding. Boating facilities are available at the resort, and the tall, brooding trees and shrubs are one of the most alluring features of this region. Pazhassi is the cremation point of Pazhassi Raja, who was known as the Lion of Kerala since he was the one who initiated the guerrilla warfare against the East India Company. He was cremated in 1805 at this spot.


Perched upon Thamarassery, one of the highest hills of Wayanad, Lakkidi is a favourite of tourists. With the view of the entirety of Wayanad, Lakkidi also provides scenic beauty like never before. Streams, vegetation, the view of rich mountains and dense valleys of this peak are amidst a blanket of forests that keep it a warm and quaint location for a retreat. Take your hiking shoes and go ahead to enjoy the scenery of this area.

Soochippara Waterfalls

These gushing waterfalls run down from a height of 100 to 300 meters, dropping into the pool, which is widely used for rafting, swimming and even lounging in the water at times. There are tree top huts around the region, and they prove to be a delight to the eyes. The view of the deep valleys of the Western Ghats when combined with the Soochippara Waterfalls is of much peace to the soul. Tourists love to take a sleepy retreat in this area and enjoy the amazing view and surrounding of the waterfalls.